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Waard Metals offers a wide variety of wall and roof panels to choose from for your project, whatever it may be. As you make your selection, you may be wondering: how long will these panels last? Is there a panel that will last longer than the other options?

All Waard panels are long-lasting by design, but usage and application are important in choosing wisely for lasting results.


All of our panels are made of metal (such as 24-gauge steel) and painted with a Fluoropolymer PVDF (Kynar®) paint system, which provides superior durability and longevity.


The longevity of a panel will specifically depend on factors such as weather, incurred damage, and installation quality.


If the wall and roof panels are installed on the exterior of a building, the elements will always be a component to consider with your panel longevity.

Exposure to the sun, wind, rain, and snow contribute to the wear and tear depending on the type of building and location of installation. These elements will likely have the most noticeable effect on the finish.


Dents and scratches or scrapes in the paint can occur in a myriad of ways, including:

  • Foot traffic or dragging an object along the length of the panel
  • Tree branches, vehicles, and other sharp or heavy objects scraping the length of the panel

Damages to the exterior coating can lead to an increased rate of deterioration over time.


Faulty installation will undoubtedly affect the longevity of panels. Fortunately, any flaws in the installation should be caught during Waard’s post-install walkaround, as well as the warranty inspection (when applicable).


In most cases, the primary reason for panel replacement is faded paint. This will take quite a while to occur. However, in cases where the paint has been scratched down to the base metal, corrosion can begin and lead to premature failure of the panel’s appearance or integrity.

Even with the possibility of damage and premature failure taken into consideration, Waard roof and wall panels can be expected to last over 5 years. Most finish warranties are 40 years, meaning the metal should have a lifetime close to that.

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